Re: before you go.....

J. Maxwell Legg (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 09:50:32 +1200

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> are able to pirate the intellectual capital base of the western economies,
> they are reducing their cost of entry in many areas by exploiting the
> intellectual property rights of individuals outside their eastern economies,
> theus externalizing the cost of their slavery of foreign intellectual
> capital..

Le user of intellectual property is really like the crop in the field that gets harvested and can't in any real way enslave intellectual property, as you claim. The real piracy occurs right in the backyard where the intellectual goods are created. When the Bill Gates type pirates fight, the blood and gore are real and the techno-failure is left to die, pinned to the ant hill. I know because he did this to me, but don't worry - I'm not crying in my beer; - he didn't finish the job. On the other hand if you're referring to reverse engineering of components that include the use of physical laws of nature then I claim that these should never be considered to be anyone's 'property'. Your argument is a smokescreen obscuring the real 'core' construct here, which is everyone's natural creative license for alteration - invention, etc.

If you want to see the product of mine that Gates scuttled, check out Wavelink. I was like you before I traveled 8,000 miles for an appointment when he didn't even show up. Later the CIA types and the McMafia goons, while never admitting that Wavelink would damage their dirty national security, continued their attempts to destroy me. What they didn't count on was another product of mine lurking in the background called Ingrid. Ingrid is tiny in comparison to other Seed AIs out there but Ingrid has the potential to destroy capitalism's privacy constructs and money itself and what's more, I'm giving it away. Just thought you should know.

P.S. I designed Wavelink for a quantum increase in communication speeds. The fact that it used keyless encryption and provided for database time travel were incidental to me but obviously not to the goon squad.