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The only real type of retaliation that works is hunting down and killing the websites and online accounts of the thieves. And this only makes a difference when they have a web page to be nuked. "Whack-a-mole" email accounts (throw-away accounts at places like Hotmail and Juno) can be created ad nauseum so getting Juno etc. to nuke them is therapeutic but futile.

Other than that, you need a technical solution. There is one technical solution available: restrict posts to the lists to subscribers. Very few spammers actually sign up to lists or forge the name of a subscriber in order to spam the list.

If someone who is not on the list wants to post to the list you can always set up a second list for this category (can send to list, does not automatically receive all posts) that uses the majordomo confirmation process and allow both the "full" list and the "post only" list to originate mail.

I'm beginning to wonder if some form of retaliation can or should be applied to
the growing number of spammers we seem to be getting.


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Fuck this, and you - whoever or whatever you are!

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