Re: before you go.....

J. Maxwell Legg (
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 16:04:27 +1200

Cen-IT Rob Harris wrote:

> I wonder if you could expand your piece on 'gate constructs'
> into slightly simpler language - it sounds intriguing where I understand
> it, but I can't be sure what I'm understanding is what you're trying to
> say....! (Due to use of unusual words, such as bifurcate (?!?), and my
> propensity to try and fit new ideas into my own universal scheme of
> things.....)

In a sense your 'natural' construct as used by the advertiser gets somewhat close to uncovering what I meant as a 'gate' construct. Here's another example:

Take an enzyme, say elastase and visualize its shape to be like that of a lima bean. In the middle of the saddle area is a small hole and at the bottom of this hole is a trigger. Ok? Now, another enzyme has the function of regulating the amount of elastase in the lung and it is small enough to get down this hole and activate the trigger which breaks the elastase in two. Split into two pieces the halves of the elastase enzyme are small enough to pass through the lung wall and exit into the blood stream. The normal job of elastase is to 'eat' away deadened bits of lung and if too much is present it will devour good lung as well. Now, say, the owner of all this elastase smokes cigarettes. The smoke itself blocks this 'hole' thus preventing the regulator from triggering the breakup. Soon not enough lung is left to pass oxygen to the blood and without oxygen red bloods cells clump together and these bigger clumps can't get down to the end of capillaries so the cells there turn to anaerobic reproduction and become cancerous. Stress and other things can cause red blood cells to clump together but the tiny trigger in elastase is an example of my 'gate' construct and when seen in terms of cognitive flows through an associative net it is similar to your individual not being able to see past the advertiser's tricks as to the true nature of what was happening.