Re: Post-sexual?

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Sat, 12 Sep 1998 23:47:34 -0500

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> Hal Finney wrote:
> > It would seem logical to rewire the brain's
> > reward system so that it got pleasure directly from solving problems.
> > The sexual drive would be sublimated into problem solving. Actually there
> > are people who seem to be able to do this kind of rechannelling to some
> > extent, and I believe they do get direct mental pleasure from their
> > activities...
> hal i have often wondered about this. some games of pure reason and
> problem solving such as chess and free cell, do provide me with direct
> mental pleasure as you describe. as a replacement for sex, no way. {8^D
> spike

Would the comparison between private problemsolving (mental masturbation) and constructive debate then be isomorphic with the difference between self-stimulation and sexual intercourse? And is a thinking person's listserv a cognitive orgy? (WOW! I enjoyed that insertion... but I think I'll wait a while before my next comment [ a reflectory period]). Joe Dees