Re: Room temperature superconduction in carbon fibers? other

Hara Ra (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 23:52:49 -0700

>Robin Hanson wrote:
>> Brian D Williams forwards:
>> I have a rather speculative question for the list. Does anyone know of
>> the posibility of producing a structure of carbon ( nanotubes,other
>> fullerenes) that is both quite rigid and is able to contain a gas(air)
>> at substantially lower density than the surrounding atmosphere and
>> still have the entire structure's (bubble) mass be a fraction of that
>> of the displaced air ? The uses of a lighter than air structural
>> material would add some novel products to shelves at Walmart. ( real
>> sky hooks, bricks to construct permantly floating buildings, personal
>> floatation devices(in air not on water) Care to add a few new
>> products of your own?
See "The Diamond Age" by Neil Stephenson. Lots of apps for lighter than air nano....

On a macro scale, a 1KM in diamater geodesic dome will float due to the warmer air inside...

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