Re: ISEW is crap

J. Maxwell Legg (
Sun, 06 Sep 1998 11:26:43 +1200

John Clark wrote:

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> J Maxwell Legg
> >Sorry, I haven't even looked at this ISEW thing and wouldn't intend
> >to look at any system that uses capitalism's paper money as a
> >circular measurement.
> If you know nothing about it then why did you use it to try to prop up
> your argument? I have found that it's sometimes nice to have some idea
> of what the hell you're talking about.

A diagnosis is way different from a cure. If I see a fireman using water to put out a dangerous fire, one in which water is likely to cause further problems, I don't offer to pass the bucket as that would only make matters worse.

Can't any of you who are being demeaning toward my proposition find it reasonable to understand that I'm talking about replacing existing 'values' with electronically mediated 'meanings'. It's one thing to talk about the meaning of values but to me it seems superfluous to talk about the value of meaning. All your economic arguments of exchange and wealth can be solved in the context of associated meanings which is what the Ingrid software handles superbly. Ask any statistician. Really!