Re: ISEW is crap

J. Maxwell Legg (
Sat, 05 Sep 1998 18:39:31 +1200

John Clark wrote:

> I know I haven't convinced you and so you have an opportunity to prove
> me wrong and have vengeance against all those evil capitalists by
> becoming richer than any of them, just take your life savings and
> invest it. You know how wonderful the ISEW is and how it can magically
> tell when a resource will run out and what new discoveries will be
> made, this gives you a huge head start over the competition because
> most money managers think GNP is an objective and effective
> measure of wealth and they think the ISEW is crap. Let's see you put
> your money where your mouth is, and when you become richer than Bill
> Gates I'll admit you're right.

Sorry, I haven't even looked at this ISEW thing and wouldn't intend to look at any system that uses capitalism's paper money as a circular measurement. I say again use an Ingrid system that separates all elements into clusters so that there can be no value for each element on any particular scale greater than 5 nor lower than 1 and you will automatically create a spontaneous self-adjusting global AI. We have the computing power right now and what I'm saying can be modeled. Are you against designing such an economic model and putting it through its paces?