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>From: den Otter <>
>Date: Thursday, September 03, 1998 6:37 AM
>>The main problem is, that most people have been brainwashed into
>>believing the idea that one needs work to have dignity and a "meaningful"
>>life. This once useful meme now often slows down automation, which is
>>obviously bad. Also, it is a sad fact that many people are so shallow that
>>when forced (by unemployment) to spent more time together, many couples
>>brake up within a couple of months (recently there had been a study
>>of laid-off German factory workers that showed a divorce rate of 50%
>>or so after a relatively short period at home. Quite shocking, IMO).
>That's the average rate here in America, hence not so shocking. I haven't
>seen any figures on divorce rates among the recently unemployed but I'll
>it's even lower.

Sorry, I meant that I would expect divorce rates to be *higher* among recently unemployed americans.