Re: Capitalism

J. Maxwell Legg (
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 14:10:56 +1200

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> >Capitalism is not a natural law of nature, as some like to say,
> Supply and demand /is/ a law of nature. Scarce things have value
> no less than material things have mass. "Capitalism" is a choice
> of human behavior that history has shown to be consistent with
> that law and human desires in the way that how one chooses to
> build a plane is consistent with gravity and one's desire not to
> crash into the ground.

Sorry, maybe I should have said an immutable law or some other qualifier to mean that an implementation of this law may not always have to be in constant use and that other valid implementations could work an economy just as well. Capitalism is a type of implementation of a law not the law itself. I would love to show you how a different implementation could grade scarce things always only using a 1 to 5 scale. I know this other AI implementation

can also be consistent with regard to an economy. The problem of using capitalism to implement an economy is that not many of its accounting practices can be used on this AI implementation. However AI will develop its own responses. Capitalism and what I call Neuronomy are from different state spaces. No doubt both are quite capable of running an economy. However, my concept of a Neuronomy can to to economics what extropians can do to redefine the Law of Thermodynamics.