Re: Open universe (and how to fix it)

Anders Sandberg (
28 Aug 1998 12:16:32 +0200

Mitch Porter tipped me off about an interesting paper:

Creation and Structure of Baby Universes in Monopole Collisions

Authors: Arvind Borde, Mark Trodden, Tanmay Vachaspati

Under certain circumstances, the collision of magnetic monopoles, topologically locked-in regions of false vacuum, leads to topological inflation and the creation of baby universes. The future evolution of initial data represented by the two incoming monopoles may contain a timelike singularity but this need not be the case. We discuss the global structure of the spacetime associated with monopole collisions and also that of topological inflation. We suggest that topological inflation within magnetic monopoles leads to an eternally reproducing universe.

What they show is that if you collide certain monopoles with each other, they collapse into a kind of black hole with inflation, creating a baby universe. The nice thing (if you are a tiplerite) is that this universe seems to be closed, so if you desperately want to have an Omega Point but the universe is open, just collide your monopoles and send in your information into the black hole (how to do this is usefully left as an exercise for the student); you can have your OP inside the baby universe. Of course, nobody has ever found a monopole yet, but at least it seems theoretically possible to make baby universes this way.


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