Re: Uploading, processes

Emmanuel Charpentier (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 02:08:34 -0700 (PDT)

---Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
> Emmanuel Charpentier <> writes:
> > Duplicating the processing while keeping only one neural net
> > resolve that, only neurones triggered in the first process can link
> > together, they don't link with the second process (the eventual
> > chemicals are also duplicated).
> Yes, but when you merge the two nets the temporal relationship between
> the experiences could become garbled. I'm not sure what the result
> would be, but I'm fairly certain that answering questions such as
> "What did you do last tuesday?" and "After fixing the ridgeways
> clenchiration, what did you do?" would be very hard to answer.

This shouldn't be a problem, because recalls don't take time into accounts. And if we still have a chronological history, I think it's through reconstruction: from bits of chronological information we are able to say that in this context I did this then this then that... it's all a matter of context.

But that doesn't change the trouble with short term memory, you are probably right: there will be some sort of mixing between processes, particularly if the context of triggering in the neural net are in the same neighbourhood (I still don't know about TML duplication, you're the expert:).

Now, will the brain find a way through, I would think that it is so malleable it should be allright, but experience shall tell.

That experience shall be done first on computer neural nets, of course, and I wonder if there are already works upon it: having one neural net, but different layers/processes of triggerings. Thus allowing for parallel tasks and learnings.

I wonder about how new neurones are integrated in the neural net. Could it be that new neurones come into play only because two (or more) other neurones are getting over crowded with connections? And/or would it be a matter of chemicals allowing for a neurone to become the "spot of attention" of that growth?

And would deep sleep and dreams only be the merging of new neurones (new experiences) into the neural net? the merging being mostly a matter of connecting with other older neurones (previous memories, knowldedge). "resistance is futile, you will be connected!!! and during your sleep!" :)


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