Re: Arguments Against god... LONG

Dan Clemmensen (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 20:19:31 -0400

Joe E. Dees wrote:
> I mention to them that I object to christianity on moral grounds,
> being opposed to incest. When they inquire what I mean, I reply by
> asking, "Who were the parents of Adam & Eve's grandchildren?"
> Joe
> >

When talking to christians, I generally ask then if they would support my petition to abolish ritual symbolic cannabalism. Most of them agree to support my petition after I explain that that it's a major problem in this country and its practitoners gather to perform their horrible rituals throughout the country, inducting even their own children into the practice. Generally, I can continue to explain the practice for several minutes before they catch on. Usually, I have to mention that their diety initiated the practice via a quasi-human avatar, saying "this is my body eat it of me.."