Re: The Physics of Immortality

Anders Sandberg (
22 Aug 1998 18:59:16 +0200

"Bryan Moss" <> writes:

> I have question concerning Tipler's beliefs. I've
> heard people on this list say he uses his Omega
> Point theory to justify his religious beliefs, but
> from what I understand his theory states that
> there will be infinite computation and all beings
> that have ever existed or could have existed will
> be resurrected. Does he use this as justification
> for religious beliefs?

Not directly, but his aim is rather clear by his theological speculations in PoI and the fact that he proposes an omega-point state that is awfully close to the typical western concept of God even when alternatives (such as a fractally divering pantheon of Powers or something similar) are possible within the OPT framework.

> Personally I can't see any
> link between the potential existence of a God-like
> entity and worship. Or does the Omega Point have a
> huge ego that must be satisfied by long-dead
> entities going to church?

Tipler doesn't propose worship (other than the fundamentally important mega-project of starting the omega-development process), but his theorty seems to give at least some people the same comforts as standard religion: there is a wonderful eternal life to look forward to, the evils of the world are necessary but will be corrected, and so on. Not quite a religion in the social sense (yet), but not far off.

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