Re : Challenge To Nicholas Bostrom

Jenny Peter Chambers (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 02:49:52 -0700

Nicholas Bostrom Wrote :

> The situation is simply this. I got a messege from
> Jonathan Grimes, wherein he was jubilant about how
> easy a time he had had tricking everybody into
> believing in the censorship rumor. At this stage I
> thought I should write the four lines quoted above,
> since I saw that Max and other ExI members were being
> unfairly accused of censorship, and their webmaster
> was spending a lot of time trying to restore the
> missing part of the archive. It would have been wrong
> of me not to speak up.

I take complete responsibility for Jenny Chambers.

I take absolutely no responsibility for the censorship rumour.

You are fabricating evidence. That is a serious criminal offence.

I have in no way tampered with the list archives.

The list archive computers are the property of Extropy. I have in no way tampered with the list archive computer system.

Tampering with the list archives is a criminal offence.

I am not a criminal.

You are accusing me of being a criminal.

I demand you retract this fabrication of evidence.

I demand an apology from Nicholas Bostrom and Extropy.

Jonathan Grimes

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