Re: chimpsicles

Michelle Jones (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 23:03:39 -0700

Derek Strong wrote:

> Michelle Jones (spike) wrote:
> > since the government frowns
> > on the practice of freezing while alive, why not transplant your
> > gasping head onto the chimp's body... <squickage snipped>
> Transplanting your head would also qualify as death, by many different
> standards... I'm pretty sure. At the very least, such a procedure would
> stop "your" heart. That's either homicide or assisted suicide, depending on
> your locale.

not necessarily derek. what if your gasping body were to be tranplanted onto the head of the chimp? that way, "your" heart would continue, at least for a while, altho the monkey probably wouldnt be all that pleased with the head swap concept. methinks the spca would protest as well... {8-[ spike