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Joe Jenkins <joe_jenkins@yahoo.com> On Thursday, August 20, 1998 Wrote:

>> OK, so "The Original" is just a name, of no greater significance
>> any other name, #87 for example.

>Its a name that determines your assignment and weather or not you
>been slated for voluntary short term memory suicide in 10 hours. So
>its a little more than just a name.

I, Mr.87 am slated to die but that fathead Mr. Original is not, he's going
on a luxury vacation instead, that's a hell of a difference and if it's not enough to make the two diverge in a hurry nothing will.
Mr. Original made the assignments and I note he didn't say he and 99 copies
would blow their brains out and Mr. 87 would be the one to achieve immortality and live the good life forever, personally I think that
would be
a much better plan.

>> Me
>> I still don't understand, why should I look at my name tag, other
>> pure curiosity what useful information would I gain by doing so ?

>You are the one that designed the temporary spawning process.

That wasn't me that was Mr. Original and he doesn't know what it's like to
face the prospect of immediate death, I do and I don't like it one bit.

> Why would you ignore your own intentions.

It doesn't really matter why, the fact is I am ignoring them, so obviously
they can no longer be my intentions even if Mr. Original still thinks it's a wonderful

>Of course you would look at the name tag, this is part of the plan.

The plan sucks.

>This is how you know what work you've been assigned and if
>your slated for voluntary short term memory suicide in 10 hours.

Let Mr. original kill himself if he wants but I do NOT volunteer.

>> It wouldn't matter if my tag said "The Original" or "#87",
>> I'd still rather have the other fellow blow his brains out not me.

>With the exception of 10 hours divergence, the other fellow is you.

Besides that Mrs.. Lincoln how did you like the play.

>none of the copies will deviate from the plan.

The basic problem is that all the copies are identical yet you're asking
them to behave in radically different ways.

>death does not equal 10 hours of amnesia.

Perhaps not because survival is not an all or nothing matter, but it would
be close enough to death to make me profoundly unhappy.

>You've just completed 10 hours of mundane work at the office today in
>your normal biological state. You then documented your work more
>thoroughly than ever before. A doctor shows up and completely
>convinces you beyond any shadow of a doubt that he has invented a
>flash light type device that can induce a perfect 10 hour amnesia
>no side effects whatsoever. You are 100% convinced this is safe and
>effective. He offers you $10,000 to let him use the device on you.

As you say it's a judgment call but I'd tell him no way.

>P.S. Has anyone on this list verified the signature on the message
>where John Clark changed his public key? After more than three years
>of reading his post with mostly just minor disagreements, all of a
>sudden, one week after changing his public key this major
>about the fundamentals of identity pops up.

Nobody can claim absolute consistency so perhaps something I said in my most
recent post contradicts something I said in an older one , I don't know what
it could be but I'd love to find out, please illuminate me.

>Even if it [My key] verifies correctly, I would still suspect the
> that he sold his reputation by means of selling his private key.

If I bought John Clark's key then the person you're talking to now is not
the same person that has been on the Extropian and Transhuman list for years, but if I bought it then why am I using a different key? Actually I
would have sold out years ago except that nobody made me an offer.

My Old Public key signed with my Old Secret Key and then signed with my New
Secret Key.

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