Chalenge to Nicholas Bostrom

boogie woogie (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:17:42 PDT

Nicholas Bostrom wrote>

: I have evidence indicating that the rumor about the censored
: post was started by someone who is explicitly out there to harm the
: ExI. I can't disclose this evidence since it was confided to me in a
: private email. But let's all simply ignore this rumor.>

Huh? I've got a private mail telling me if I send them $5 I'll get $100000 in a month. Do you believe that too? I take offence at someone saying they have an email from someone they wont disclose containing evidence they cant show us that happens to prove I am trying to do something. Im sure that would hold up in court! Erik's posts were gone. They are back now, no doubt due to the fact that I caught a few people trying to censor Erik. Did I delete the posts? *No* I just pointed out they were gone.

I'd love to hear this *evidence* you have. I can't wait to hear this. Either you have fabricated evidence that someone created to protect themselves or you are just lying. I call to attention that someone is being censored. Other posters agreed it was an appalling situation. What do I get in return? Some punk hiding behind an email address saying I'm full of crap. Either retract that bull or provide us all with your evidence. I cant imagine people agree with the tactics Bostrom is pulling here.

Boog aka Colin

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