Re: Uploading: End of the mundane

Scott Badger (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 22:57:33 -0500

From: James Millar <>

>Why not download the "lessons learned" experience directly into your mind
from the copies mind. This would remove the need for reading a summary and/or repeating tasks.
>James -
>"Where Time Becomes A Loop"

My thoughts exactly. Program the copies to self-destruct in 8 (or whatever) hours and assimilate the information into your consciousness. In fact, program thousands of short-lived copies and assimilate their experiences and you got your own personal singularity going.

I also have a hard time conceptualizing the notion of an uploaded mind desiring a vacation. Would we *need* vacations in that state? I mean vacations are basically a two-week reward for spending 50 weeks at something you don't particularly like to do. As uploads, aren't we likely to experience a greater level of work satisfaction? I mean, how important would vacations be if you *really* loved your job?

Scott Badger