Re: Archives Suddenly Unavailable

David McFadzean (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:10:30 -0600

At 04:01 PM 8/18/98 -0600, David McFadzean wrote:

>It was pointed out to me this morning that the 1997 archives contained
>messages only up to March '97 (which might explain why Moeller's posts
>were gone). I'm attempting to remedy the situation by regenerating the
>web archives from the original mail archives (which might explain why
>the archives are unavailable at the moment). Since hypermail keeps
>crashing after a few thousand messages, it appears I will have to
>split the 97 archives into four quarters.

The archives have been regenerated and are available at:


A javascript-based front end can be found at: <>

The SWISH-based search of the archives is still not available, the indexer is choking on the volume (more than 30,000 messages since 96). I am looking into alternatives.

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