Michelle Jones (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 11:43:39 -0700

i figure cryonics is a longshot, but better than no shot or a bunch of empty
soothing promises from the religionists. suppose one is sick with emphasema.
with this curse, one knows exactly what ones last months are to be like.

quality of life goes to zero, then negative weeks before the last gasp.

((squick alert:)) is it possible to have one's head transplanted onto the body of a chimp? of course one would be quadruplegic, but at least one could breathe and communicate as dr steven hawking does.

would not one's chances of ever being revived be greatly increased if one were frozen while still alive, and bio-ram undamaged from persistent lack of oxygen? since the government frowns on the practice of freezing while alive, why not transplant your gasping head onto the chimp's body, then almost immediately, before the immune response starts, freeze the whole thing? then cut away the nonhuman parts (scalpel...clamp...buzzsaw... {8^D ) and you have it. a frozen head with, presumably, the software still in there waiting for technology to bring it back to life.

has the chimp path to cryonics already been explored? where?

ps: i love extropy too, "jenny". {8^D spike