Re : I Love Extropy

Jenny Peter Chambers (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 02:39:40 -0700

Randy Wrote :

> Hey! _I_ answered some of them...before I was
> stricken with a serious fit of the giggles.
> You could at least say thanks....

Thankyou Randy, it was a lovely read.

You gave me a commentary.
You did not in fact answer one sentence
with a question mark.

Still very interested in the answers
to the questions. It is most peculiar
that I have received no heart felt

Am I on the right list ? This is Extropy isn't it ? This isn't the shadow version of Extropy ?

Still waiting to hear about all the
good you are all doing

I love Extropy !

Max ?

: )

Your Pal

Jenny Chambers

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