chitosan and renal failure

Doug Skrecky (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 08:42:32 -0700 (PDT)

Jing SB. Li L. Ji D. Takiguchi Y. Yamaguchi T. Institution
Department of Industrial Chemistry, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan. Title
Effect of chitosan on renal function in patients with chronic renal failure.
Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology. 49(7):721-3, 1997 Jul. Abstract
The effects of chitosan have been investigated on eighty patients with renal failure undergoing long-term stable haemodialysis treatment. The patients were tested after a control treatment period of 1 week. Half were fed 30 chitosan tablets (45 mg chitosan/tablet) three times a day. Ingestion of chitosan effectively reduced total serum cholesterol levels (from 10.14 +/- 4.40 to 5.82 +/- 2.19 mM) and increased serum haemoglobin levels (from 58.2 +/- 12.1 to 68 +/- 9.0 g L-1). Significant reductions in urea and creatinine levels in serum were observed after 4 weeks of chitosan ingestion. The feeling of physical strength, the appetite and the sleep of patients in the treatment group had improved significantly after 12 weeks of ingestion, compared with those of patients in the control group. During the treatment period, no clinically problematic symptoms were observed. These data suggest that chitosan might be effective treatment for renal failure patients, although the mechanism of the effect should be investigated further.