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Sat, 15 Aug 1998 11:27:53 +1100

What's a 'real' name?

2besure. I've had four now. My first name, a traditional male family name, has been used for at least four centuries (I was the fourth in a row with it, the other tradional male family name in my family was used eight generations in a row).
Under common law, usage can namechange too. What happens when a person uses one name on the Internet and one in business, say?

I always call anyone by whatever they want to be called.

Anyhow, why can't people have more than one name? Like more than one marriage partner, it should be legal!

In Victoria, Australia, you cannot change your name for 'frivolous' reasons, or change it by deed poll for a period of one year after changing it. When I changed my name to Avatar Polymorph I listed the reason as 'philosophical'. $28 later, no problemo. 15 August 29 after Armstrong