Re: Does anybody know these organisations... and are they

Moses Cline-James (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 19:22:24 -0700

>> The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement:
>> They are both about that the human race should die out to save the earth.
>> They seem serious, but their claims are such, that for me it seems more
>> black humor.

>Neither group - er, sorry, movement - loves Our Mother the Earth quite
>enough to quietly off themselves (this would seem to be the honorable
>to do given their belief set). No, no, they justify their continued
>existence (and concommitant destruction of Our Mother the Earth) with
>their purpose of trying to get others to off themselves first (don't
>worry, we'll be right behind you, no really we will).

I don't know anything about glf, but from what I remember vhemt doesn't advocate suicide, their theory being that if everyone stops having kids we will become extinct. Of course, what they don't realize is that we extropians plan on living forever. The Church of Euthanasia on the other hand says that people should kill themselves whenever they feel like it. Neither of these groups appear to be in any danger of acquiring very many members.