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>> Can anyone on the list point to web sources summarizing the best science
>> relating to global warming? I'm looking for informed-layman-level
>> that cut through the politics and polemics on both sides of the "debate".
>Curiously - or maybe on purpose - the best site has almost the same
>as one of the sites that promulagtes the "usual" global-warming drivel.

The one thing I don't understand about the global warming problem is this:

I live in Denmark which is shaped by the Ice during the last ice age. (It's very flat :-) ) Therefore im constantly reminded about it. The latest research in ice-age patterns, done by drilling in the Greenlandic Perma ice, shows that we are in a relative long and unusual period without an ice age.

As far as i remember it's been about 20.000 years since the last Ice age, and before that there were ice ages about every 2000 years. The research also showed that the weather pattern could change in as little as 25 years. That is 25 years from "normal" weather to a new ice age.

It therefore seems logical that we will have another ice age again. Furthermore it can be here in 25 years. Nobody knows.

If our "friend" nature can do this, and almost absolutely certainly. Why then care that much about heating. Naturally we cannot just treat the ecosphere as we please, but I find that it would be better to find some long term solutions to the problem.

You know what I mean. "The human race is to important a species to keep all of it's eggs in one basket" (Don't remember the exact quote but it should be good enough)

(The global heating will probably solve itself as we run out of energy resources ;-) )


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