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Tue, 11 Aug 1998 19:12:57 GMT

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>Sarah Marr [] wrote:
>>>I have always thought that men are more attracted, and women less so,
>>>to radical ideas.
>>Oh, I don't know. Apparently there are washing-up liquids available today
>>that can be soft on one's hands as well as hard on stuck-on grease. Could
>>anything be more radical? And yet, as a woman, it's devastatingly
>>attractive to me.
>I have to say I'm somewhat surprised and puzzled by this kind of reaction
>to what seems like a perfectly valid and justifiable statement; my
>experience has been very similar, in that most of the women I meet tend
>to be less attracted to radical ideas than most of the men.
>I've just been going through my mailbox deleting a lot of old mail, which
>included things like discussions of men generally being more violent than
>women and the links to testosterone levels, to which no male list member
>came back with any kind of sarcastic comments, and most agreed; it's a
>simple fact to be discussed as such. Why is this topic any different?
>Surely if many women do have an aversion to radical ideas then it's
>something we should be discussing, not ignoring?
> Mark "Puzzled" Grant

Well, Mark, of course, you are perfectly correct (in my ever-humble opinion). The fact is that when it comes to behavior in life, in general, men are more like a lottery--they scatter ( in a mathematical sense). They are gamblers at life. Women are closer to the mean in almost all life behaviors--generally! <insert 4-page spiel on evolution and childbearing, etc>.

And since the gov't and business depends on women in the workforce and at the ballot box, it has become politcally correct to bash these kinds of ideas.
And even extropian/cryo women, freethinking and radical and unsheeplike as they are, are susceptible to societal attitudes.

Such is life. Westen Civ swing like a pendulum do....

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