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10 Aug 1998 07:03:15 -0000

Well thank god Someone said something about these rude low lives, this is a list dedicated to talking about extropianism, not "hot babes" or trahsing members of this list. I may not post much on this list, but I do know when to post.

THANX MAX for standing up for the lists dignity

On Sun, 09 Aug 1998 20:15:04 -0700, wrote:
> At 12:06 AM 8/7/98 +0000, "Vitruvian" wrote:<br>> ><br>> ><br>> >Don't worry about those few extropian females dude, they're mostly<br>> lesbians :-) Because of our dorky image, no self-respecting hot babe<br>> >will associate with us (not to mention the fact that attractive people,<br>> especially women, are usually shallow). Go blame society!<br>> <br>> No, blame people like yourself who come onto our lists as a newbie, then<br>> proceed immediately to insult members of our community. Listen "dude", why<br>> don't you go look for "hot babes" elsewhere. The valued female subscribers<br>> to this list, and the men who respect them, are not here to listen to this<br>> frat house talk.<br>> <br>> Max<br>> <br>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>> Max More, Ph.D.<br>> (soon also: <>)<br>> <br><br>> Consulting services

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