Re: lack of hot Extropian women?

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On Sun, 09 Aug 1998 17:26:32   vitruvian wrote:

>In fact, I dare you to find one hot, reasonably young >and available woman on this mailing list. Or the known >transhuman community as a whole, for that matter.
As a female in my 20's who embraces the transhumanist philosophy pretty well in its entirety, I'm not so sure about the absolutism in V's statement (tho' I make not claims to "hottitude" -- hot-headed, perhaps :)). I DO however, sympathize with young, intelligent men seeking female companionship, who wish neither to lower their standards nor to diminish their intellectual fire by consorting with women who may not only be uninterested in their beliefs, but may even be actively hostile to them. I do not purport to know WHY there are fewer women than men involved in the transhumanist community, or in the science and technology communities at large, but it would be sheer madness to pretend that this disparity does not exist. When there ARE women in these fields, it tends to be in the less mathematically-based disciplines. Statistically, this is the case. I have rarely even had female FRIENDS, so I can hardly imagine the position of an extropian man trying to find suitable women to date. The ones I know are caught in the unfortunate situation of choosing between being alone and being with people who are, at best, distracting and focus-killing and, at worst, beneath them. It's not pleasant, but it is true. As an idealist, I would say to hold out for a brave, intelligent woman, but that is easier advice to give than take. I am happy to see this topic being discussed because it is something that my friends and I have pondered at length, and, too often it is a bugaboo avoided by many for fear of appearing "sexist" or whatever. lemma <> "Life would be easier if i had the source code" Free web-based email, Forever, From anywhere!