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Max More (maxmore@primenet.com)
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NOTE our new mailing address and phone number.

E X T R O P Y   I N S T I T U T E
---Catalyzing the Future---

769 El Camino Real, # 234, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA Tel: (650) 917-1124   www.extropy.org   exi-info@extropy.org


Greetings!  We're sending you this information message either because you requested it, or because someone suggested you would be interested. This message tells you what Extropy Institute does and how to become involved. For further information (and an online membership form), we encourage you to visit our web site:

Max More, Ph.D.   more@extropy.org
President          Extropy Institute (ExI)

     Extropy = the extent of a system's intelligence, information, vitality, diversity,
     opportunity, and capacity for growth.

E X T R O P Y  I N S T I T U T E

Extropy Institute (ExI) is a 501[c][3] tax-exempt educational corporation, founded in 1992 as an outgrowth of the Extropy journal. ExI acts a catalyst for
a better future by helping individuals extend their lives, augment their intelligence, optimize their psychology, and improve their communities. The Institute pursues this catalytic role in two ways: through a creative process of networking and an educational process of disseminating ideas.

In its creative role, the Institute brings together the finest critical and innovative minds in an intellectual and social network. This network of thinkers challenges conventional ideas about human limits and develops new ideas about the use of technologies of all kinds to improve the future. Seeking
to develop careful thinking about extending the human life span, augmenting human intelligence, improving human psychology, and refining economic and political organization, Extropy Institute provides several forums for networking and creative thinking. The Exponent newsletter gathers news of developments, members' projects, and Institute activities. The EXTRO conferences bring together thinkers from numerous fields of study. Other seminars and local meetings, the Extropians email list, and the web site provide additional forums for developing and refining ideas.

In its educational role, the Institute brings these (always open and evolving) extropian ideas to the public in order to encourage more rational practices and
beliefs. The Institute's web site provides information on extropian thinking and links to further resources. Extropy Online presents extropian thinking gathered from the best minds in a manner accessible to intelligent non-specialists. The EXTRO conferences, in addition to their networking role, also act as a means of communicating current extropian thinking to the public. The Institute disseminates ideas and educates the public through appearances of
its members on television and in newspapers, magazines, and books, and by representing extropian perspectives at conferences and in debates.

In essence, the Institute seeks to catalyze continual discoveries that extend our lives and increase the power and depth of our minds. While Institute members may hold diverse and sometimes conflicting ideas about how to pursue these ends, we agree in affirming the values expressed in the Extropian Principles: Boundless Improvement, Self-Transformation, Self-Ownership, Dynamic
Optimism, Intelligent Technology, and Spontaneous Order. [see www.extropy.org/extprn26.htm]

E X T R O P I A N S  O N  T H E  N E T

Extropy Institute sponsors a number of forums for sharing limit-busting, life-extensionist, pro-technology, and other extropian ideas with bright, like-minded individuals around the globe.

You can also access the Frequently Asked Questions file, and other Extropian writings, on the World Wide Web. The official ExI Web page:      http://www.extropy.org

The most popular service is the Extropians e-mail list (founded in 1991), which
boils over with lively discussion and debate on numerous topics. You can join the members-only list by sending a message to:           extropians-request@extropy.org

In the body of your message put only the following:           subscribe extropians <your e-mail address>

You can also unsubscribe yourself at any time in the same way, by replacing "subscribe" with "unsubscribe".  For other Majordomo commands, send to the above address with "help" in the body of the message (and nothing else).

You can find a web-based interface to the lists at:      http://www.lucifer.com/cgi-bin/exi-lists

There are several local lists for announcements and discussions around Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Coast, and Europe. To subscribe, substitute for "extropians" in the first command above: exi-la  or  exi-bay  or  exi-east  exi-can (Canada)  or  exi-euro

A Hypermail archive of postings to the Extropian list can be found at:      http://www.lucifer.com/extropians/

ExI is creating a network of specialized email forums (NodeNet). These each focus on a particular topic, such as life extension research, neural-computer interfaces, future forecasting, investing in the future, data security, mind uploading, personality alteration, economic effects of technology, creativity and the arts, truth machines and privacy, data security, and others. Extropy Institute members can subscribe to these forums free of charge. The NodeNet forums are organized so as to maximize useful discussion, information, and analysis. The unique perspective and expertise of the forums makes them a major
benefit of ExI membership. You can find information on current forums on the web site at www.extropy.org/nodenet.htm.

                               E X T R O P Y  O N L I N E

Moving to the web in its tenth year, Extropy is a magazine covering the full range of advanced, emerging, and future technologies with an emphasis on how the individual and society can and will adapt and profit from these developments.

Since 1988, Extropy magazine has provided a forum for thinking and discussion about the advancing wave of scientific and technological progress and its impact on humanity. Extropy's interests are multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary. As fascinated as we are with the technologies driving change, we are essentially concerned with the relationship between technological advance and philosophical, creative, cultural, psychological, economic, interpersonal and political ideas and institutions. Just some of the technologies and issues covered in Extropy Online:

* Modifying mood and motivation with new drugs and cognitive management.

If you're tired of shallow, trendy, or uncritical thinking on the technological
frontier, Extropy will satisfy, startle, and stimulate you.

    "I love it. Extropy excites the hell out of my mind." ZL, 1/93

    "In general I would call it the best periodical I have ever seen in my life..." AC, 8/92

    "I just wanted to let you know that Extropy keeps getting better & better! (as, of course, it must in order to be so named). What a uniformly excellent, eclectic, thoughtful, well-written selection of articles. By far the most thought-provoking, ground-breaking stuff in any magazine I read."  [PG, 7/94]

Note: Extropy moved to the Web in February 1998: http://www.extropy.org/eo/

Most back issues are still available in print.  URL: http://www.extropy.org/extropy.htm

E X T R O  C O N F E R E N C E S
Our successful third conference, EXTRO-3, took place in San Jose, California in
August 1997, with Dr. Eric Drexler of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
as keynote speaker. 165 attendees a range of stimulating sessions and talked with some of the leading extropic thinkers of today. Audio and videotapes of all the sessions are available (at a discount for Institute members).

EXTRO-4, focusing on extension of the maximum human life span (both the research being done, what measures can be taken today, and the economic and psychological consequences), is being planned for early 1999, either in California, Las Vegas, or Santa Fe. Members will receive updates, which will also appear on the web site.

E X P O N E N T  N E W S L E T T E R
Our members' newsletter, Exponent, will become be sent by email only beginning with the third quarter 1998 issue. We will also be putting back issues on the web.

E X T R O P Y  I N S T I T U T E  M E M B E R S  R E C E I V E:

Members ($85; students $30):
Exponent newsletter.
Entry to EXTRO conferences (members-only). Invitations to all Extropy Institute social events per year, at least in LA/Bay
Non-student members can sponsor one student or other person of your choice for membership.
Subscription to Extropians email lists.
Free subscription to NodeNet forums.
Discounts on books, tapes, and others items.

Benefactors ($300 per year for 4 years): Exponent newsletter.
Quarterly letter from the president with current news. Entry to EXTRO conferences (members-only). Invitations to all Extropy Institute social events per year, at least in LA/Bay
Can sponsor one student or other person of your choice. Subscription to Extropians email lists.
Free entry to NodeNet forums.
Special Benefactor-only gatherings.
Extra access to speakers at conferences. Discounts on books, tapes, and others items.

Sponsors also receive personal updates from the president.

Send your email address to <exi-info@extropy.org> if you would like to become a
free electronic member. This means you will receive occasional emails from us, telling you about updates to the web site, including new material in Extropy Online, EXTRO conference information, etc.

I would like to join Extropy Institute in shaping the future, Exponent, other publications, information on events, and discounts on conferences, books, tapes, and other items.   Annual rates:

USA: $85
Benefactor: $300 per year for 4 years.
Sponsor: $1,000 per year for 4 years.

[Amounts over the basic membership rate are tax-deductible]

EXTROPY magazine:
Package of all (17) printed issues: $109 (save 10%) Members: $99 (save 20%)

I would like to make a tax-deductible donation to sustain and expand Extropy Institute's activities:

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Make checks payable to "Extropy Institute," and mail to: Extropy Institute, 769 El Camino Real, # 234, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 Tel: (650) 917-1124
E-mail: exi-info@extropy.org

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