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> In some web surfing recently I came across this link:
> Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
> </A>
> Anyone here able to vouch for this outfit's bona fides?
> I've also encountered marketing for a life-extension supplement marketed under
> the trade name Gero-Vita or GH-3. This product claims to be based on the work
> of a "Dr. Ana Aslan, director of the Institute of Geriatrics in Bucharest,
> Rumania." There's a very large amount of material on the web about this, and
> I'm sure folks more up on the anti-aging nutrient world will have some
> comments. Any guidance?
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My understanding is that GH-3 is effectively the same as a supplement marketed by Twinlabs as DMAE H3 dimethylaminoethanol and PABA. Available in tablets or (my choice 'cause you can put it in coffee--the coffee kills the taste and gives you a synergistic boost. I've been taking the stuff for years. I've been taking a large dose of pantothenic acid followed ( not less than to 2 hours later) by a couple of droppers of DMAE H3 in a cup of coffee. They react with one another to form acetylcholine. Gives you a decent memory boost or anti-drowsiness substance. The two hour wait is needed so that they don't react in your stomach. (gut pain like the flu) Side effects include the previously mentioned stomach pain if you're not careful. Also if you have any tendenancy toward myospastic back or torticolis you might want to take it real easy as the combination increases muscle tone bodywide, along the spine in particular. Headache is another common side effect. You can adapt to the combination if you gradually increase your dosage, that minimizes the negative effects.
As for CERI I only know what I read, but I found the same website as you just a few weeks ago. After reading the interviews and articles about treating Parkinsonism with antioxidants and the article that explores the biochemistry behind that therapy, I resolved to try a similar shotgun of antioxidants approach on myself. I have no major illnesses, but I will turn 50 on my next birthday and although I've been taking a fair amount of vitamins (C, E, multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, the DMAE) I'd started to notice that my long, stressful workdays ( I do MRI scans to put food on the table) were beginning to take their toll on me. I picked up abottle of something called Super 10 Antioxidant by Country Life. Has most of the compounds mentioned in the article and I added some Lipoic acid and decided to take 1/2 gm of Pantothenic acid each time I took the other two.
For me, that combination works like nothing else I've ever tried. My energy level is up as a rough guess between 30 to 50 %. The effect is not that of a stimulant, it feels more like that of an antidote. I've experienced what feels like an increase in my metabolism--I feel hotter but the thermometer says that I have the old 98.6. The mix doesn't appear to induce a fever, just increase energy production by reducing free radical mitochondrial damage. I run for fitness and my running performance is up. One warning, I'd been taking that DMAE on a regular basis-- after starting on the antioxidant mix I found that I had to lower my intake of DMAE quite a bit. It works too well? with that in the mix and the effect goes from wonderful to unpleasant. Hope I was of help.

Dennis Roberts
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