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I agree that better organization and communication like this would be a great idea. These working groups (WGs) could most logically be coordinated by the World Transhumanist Association (WTA). WTA members of the Foresight Institute, Prometheus Project, National Space Society, etc. can make monthy reports on a News page of the Journal of Transhumansit Studies (JTS). (BTW, a monthly e-mail of the JTS to members would be really convenient or at least a message with table of contents and links to the features and stories with summaries maybe.)

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> It would be interesting to create some groups of "technological
> watchers" to gather information and eventually do some research on
> various >H topics. As an example, I see:
> -A life extension working group
> -An A.I working group
> -An uploading group (there is already the MURG group, do you think they
> could accept to join such a project ? )
> -a nanotechnology group
> -an "intelligent Web" group about enhancements in knowledge gathering
> and interfaces. (the project had been evoked some monthes ago on
> transhumantech, but I'd like to resurrect it. BTW, this is the group I'd
> like to work into)
> -A space colonization group
> -a suspended animation/cryonics group
> and so on...
> Certainly, there are already some groups working on these various
> fields. Why working on a nanotechnology group if there is already
> Foresight institute? Simply because we would have the advantage of
> connection. If the A.I group find something interesting the space
> group, they would communicate it; the Web group could use its
> discoveries about agents and interface to help knowledge organization
> of other groups, the uploading and A.I group could share information
> about artificial neural networks, etc.
> an organization like the WTA could perhaps coordinate the various
> activities of each group. what do you think ?
> (PS: I'd like to transmit this message to the list, but I
> have really terrible mail problems with their server. So, If somebody
> can forward it...thank you !)
> Remi
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