Re: BASICS: SSTO stumbling blocks (was Re: SPACE: Roton in New

Michael M. Butler (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 00:02:00 -0700

Correction/Addendum to my earlier rant:
At 22:37 8/6/98 -0700, I wrote:
... > Even a microscopic upward bump in thrown mass tends to have a
>negative impact on bring-down payload mass.

I should have prefaced this with "For a simple (nearly-)ballistic booster," and moved the whole thing to be the first sentence of the paragraph, then changed the following text to read:

> If the bring-down mass goes negative, you're stuck with...

MMB in a correctness wienie moment, suddenly overcome with self-doubt, not sure he hasn't misstated something glaringly obvious... :)

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