Super intelligences
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 22:29:59 EDT

Nick Bostrom wrote...
>Transhumanists tend to want to grow into and become
>superintelligences themselves. The two ways in which they hope to do
>this are: (1) Through gradual augmentation of their biological
>brains, perhaps using nootropics, cognitive techniques, IT tools
>(e.g. wearable computers, smart agents, information filtering
>systems, visualization software etc.), and, in the future, neuro/chip
>interfaces and bionic brain implants. (2) Through mind uploading.

As Bruce Sterling has written "its all shapers vs mechs" after that. The two great visions of human-trans-evolution, the extension and manipulation of biology with genetic engineering and advanced medical technology vs the uploaded cybernetic agumentation/prostheses.