Re: meat animals
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:36:07 EDT

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<< > This wouldn't happen if the public had regular exposure to the source of
> their food... ask someone who grew up on a REAL farm and slaughtered the
> same animals they raised how squeamish they are. In that situation, the
> meat consumer is involved not only in the grub but in supporting the
> animal, getting to know it. By the same token, a hunter taking meat from
> other free beasts has a respect for the animal, a special relationship
> unknown to the masses huddled up to the teat of factory farms.

yes, an individual who has never had to directly associate their daily food supply with them actively harvesting animals tends to have a reduced inhibition
to anthropomorphize animals.

I'm not sure what you're saying exactly, but I knew someone who was raised on a slaughter farm, and is a strict vegetarian today.