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> Daniel Fabulich wrote:

> Suppose we took a bunny rabbit and engineered it to be especially healthy
> and horribly ugly. Animal rights activists would surely show pictures
> saying "Extropians want to turn this <picture of a cute bunny rabbit>
> THIS <picture of an ugly, but healthy, bunny rabbit>" They'd be equally
> appaled, if not more so.

I'm sorry, can we have some concrete examples of these evil weak-hearted people ? Or is this just an exercise in name-calling?

Animal rights activists are as diverse a group as transhumanists and with concerns publically mocked without rational criticism, something we can all relate to here. Do you think every

:The point is that the 'Cute' factor is what sells animal rightism and vegetarianism
(which is why many more women than men are one or the other).

Lorrey, I've read a lot of arrogant sexist bullshit on this list

Engineering ugliness into
any improved meat producing organism will reduce the amount
of public aversion to it
being slaughtered for McNuggets. Though there may also be a bit of an uck factor, as in
"EEEEWWWW! You're gonna eat THAT???!!!