Re: It ain't no disco

Michelle Jones (
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 09:10:11 -0700

JF wrote:

> To those who see little or no value in anonymity as it relates to
> freedom, reading the URL below will a waste of time:

jf, i read your site. interesting but they failed to deal with a subcategorythat i am wondering about: those who voluntarily give up all privacy for some special purpose, such as advancing medical science, for instance. im neither poor nor rich, but i have nothing to hide from anyone, not one thing. i would post on a website my every paycheck and purchase, if a group were formed for some special purpose to do that for some good reason.

for instance, there was an article yesterday in the news that said there is a direct correlation between personal income and longevity. this is not hard to understand for the poor: they might neglect medical care while trying to eke out a living, but the study showed that there was no point at which the curve leveled out. if a group of extropians were to want to learn why, and formed a group that was willing to reveal eeeeeeverything, well, for that im willing to strip myself naked, financially. spike