Michelle Jones (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 19:06:40 -0700

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> > creatures would be hunted down and destroyed. when was the last time
> > you heard someone say that about deer?
> Ha, yeah. Though I dunno how much TV you guys watch, but there is a funny commercial
> for one of the collect calling companies that shows a deer beating the hell out of a
> hunter (the stupid hunter had put doe scent on his hat, apparently).

har! i am continuously amazed at the fathomless creativity of the tvmarketing community. no i havent seen the vengeful deer ad, but it sounds like a hoot. it wouldnt work to have a kimodo dragon beating a hunter.

> > too bad kimodo dragons are not edible. {8^D spike
> Ever see _The Freshman_?

um, no. what is it? any relation to the 50s singing group the *four* freshmen?{8^D spike