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Subject: re: FAQs: summary: comments?

At 03:47 PM 7/21/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have tried to make a comprehensive listing of the FAQs so far discussed
>the Transhuman Digest and Extropian Digest so far at:
> . I realize
>that to single click reply and comment on a web site page is not so easy so
>I've pasted the hopefully comprehensive list below. I've tried to credit
>all sources that were quoted with e-mail links to facilitate discussion.
>Please send comments to both lists (if you subscribe) and to mailto:
> i.e. "Reply to All" on MS Outlook.

>>This FAQ has left out many areas of Transhumanism, although the points you
>>did cover are well taken. I'm not sure what you intend with this FAQ,
>>if you would like it to function as an overall view of Transhumanism, then
>>it would be essential to cover more areas of thought than the ones you

Hi Natasha,

The FAQ is intended as a work in progress and a repository of group memory I suppose. I did not propose any of the questions on the FAQs except the first one re: Futurism and Transhumanism (as a segue). I just answered the FAQs that Nick Bostrom proposed on the Transhuman Digest and added other FAQs I noticed from others on the Transhumanist and Extropian Digests (while trying to credit and link sources for dialogue). I would be **GREATLY** interested in any other questions and responses that you would like to add to the FAQs. I am aware that my knowledge of Transhumanist History and Art is minimal in particular. I am reading up on these things especially lately with Third Culture and now Last Flesh later maybe Selfish Gene and Infinite in All Directions or Physics of Immortality. (What are your suggestions?) What I've read lately is at:

>>And, as an aside, would you be kind enough to use "human" rather than

I think that I usually do (especially in the last "taxonomic speculation" question). I'll try to keep that in mind though.

P.S. I read about the Second Edition of Create/Recreate from you in one of the 2 lists above. How is that coming? I'm interested in a copy. (In a letter with the book you mentioned half price for those who bought the First Edition.)



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