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Not really, all you have to do is not associate with individuals and groups that tend toward irrational violence and crime. In fact, your local Neighborhood Watch group most likely has a series of handouts on personal safety.

I have friends of may different class, race, gender and sexual preferences (including some S&M fans) backgrounds. None of them however are prone to irrational violence.

The key is to be able to select your friends and associates. If you don't know about Section 8 housing you may want to look up some information about it to see how your tax dollars are being used. Section 8 housing is one of the best ways to spread out a criminal class into otherwise safe areas and secure buildings.

Neal Stephenson wrote a good SF novel which included a number of these ideas. Look up his book "The Diamond Age" It's a great read.

Best Ralph

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>> Disagree. At present, the smartest, most effective way is to not
>> associate with individuals who have a tendency to violence.
>But that's discriminatory...and probably racisist and sexist and homophobic
>and all kinds of other leftwing deragatory wurds..
>And what about section 8 housing policy?
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