Re: uploading, it even conceivable (the "wet"

Hara Ra (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 23:59:12 -0700

>Jonathan Colvin:

I think this model seriously de-emphasizes the
>chemical elements of consciousness...the enormously complicated stew of
>neurochemicals the washes thorugh our brains, and which seems to be a huge
>part of emotion/mood/perception....everything that we mean when we talk
>about consciousness. Our neural-nets are good at pattern recognition and
>lots of things that require computation, but I am of the opinion that much
>of consciousness is dependent on very complicated chemistry. You might say
>I am of the "wet" school of consciousness. And how can you upload

It all depends on what you include in the upload simulation. Hormones alter synaptic responses, growth rates, etc, etc. A good upload will include what's know about the pertinent biochemistry.

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