Re: MEDIA: Upside on future, "technofascism" and Homo Computatis

maxm (
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:46:40 +0200

From: Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko <>

>A rather interesting article by Michael Malone in Upside
>- see <>.
>He discusses current infatuation of the media with high
>tech, worries for the future of medium-IQ masses, points
>out that the expectations of the technological revolution
>are not accompanied by careful analysis of "implications
>of such a profound historical discontinuity", and draws
>some interesting historical parallels.
> Comprehensive, well written, and probably to a certain
>degree symptomatic of at least some of the upper-middle-
>intellectual attitudes to the explosive development of events.

I would even say that some of his conclusions are justified. There is a tendense that the "intellectual challenged" will fall thru the social security net.

With the current trend that the new jobs that are being created is for the intelligencia only, there is a great risk that a large part of the population will be without meaningfull work to do.

Especially with all the automation taking over the jobs of the middle class and thus forcing them to take jobs that traditionally has belonged to the lower social groups.


Max M Rasmussen
New Media Director