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>I think we agree that if they pushed through the walls to the
>outside world, they would diverge?


>Or if a sound was heard through the walls from one side, they would

If the sound was louder for one than the other.

>Of if a person tried to interact with them, they would diverge?

Not if you talked to them both at the same time.

>I think that such a room would be impossible to build in the real

Well, I'm sure everything wouldn't have to be identical down to the atomic level, our senses are not that acute. In fact our senses, poor as they are, still send more information to the brain than it can process, a smart brain knows what information it can safely ignore and what it should pay close attention to. I don't think anybody really knows just how similar things would have to be before divergence happens.

Anyway it's just a thought experiment, and if you couldn't make identical real rooms it would be easy to make identical virtual rooms.

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