Re: Cosmological revolutions
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 20:28:53 EDT

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>  I would add one more data point to "we're in for a cosmological
>  revolution": 

This brings up a point that I'm curious about. I'd be interested in an evaluation of the paper at.

by any on this list who are knowledgable in this field. this SITE credible?

Some of the things that have my attention are....

>>c) The Universe is no more than 20 Billion years old

>>Galactic clusters have been discovered that could not gravitationally have
evolved to the >>state they are in now in less than 100 Billion years, contradicting the theory.


>>i) Standard Model predicts abundant magnetic monopoles - not one has been
found >>experimentally.

>>j) General relativity suggests curvatures of the universe 60 orders of
magnitude greater >>than those seen.

There are other sites which continue in the same vein.

Being one.