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Thought this'd be of interest.

Daniel Ust

From: "Grant Sparks" <>
Subject: Australian DNA Database
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 21:33:23 +1000

Sorry that this is a bit off topic (It *does* have the word DNA in it, plus it's really libertarian in nature of which I know there are many on this list)

A major national current affairs program run on our government owned national broadcaster (ABC), The 7:30 Report (16 July 98) tonight contained the most alarming news I've heard in a long time.

You know those blood test things they do with the baby's feet at birth here in Australia ? (and probably everywhere else in the Western world)

We've just found out that the government have kept them all. They now have 5 million. (We have a population of only 18 - 20 million)

I've started a mailing list that I'll use to promote awareness about this. Send an email to with the word SUBSCRIBE in the message body. This internet discussion group will aim to provide a forum where concerned parents can work towards getting our kids DNA back.

This message is being circulated widely on the internet. There is going to be some real people power on a genetic issue for the first time in Australian politics.

Grant Sparks
Brisbane (+61 7) 3348 8287