[UPLOADS] Not Getting anywhere

Harvey Newstrom (harv@gate.net)
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 01:47:36 -0400

John K Clark <johnkc@well.com> wrote:
> Apparently in your theory it's possible to measure consciousness by the cubic
> inch,
No, my theory doesn't claim that.
> You argue that two identical brains somehow
> produce different subjectivity because the brains are in different positions,
No, I never argued that.
> Let me ask you a question, if you're right and I'm wrong then why don't you
> feel like your consciousness is trapped inside a small container made of bone?
I *do* feel this, that consciousness resides in the brain.
> to say that uploading and self duplication is not possible because if they
> were things would be odd, not illogical, not self contradictory, just odd.
I don't doubt duplication is possible, that's why I'm discussing it.
> as something does not violate the laws of logic or physics it can not
> be ruled out just because it's odd.
I only object on the grounds of physics, not because it's odd.
> I can't respond to that because I don't understand it.
You seem to be missing most of what I am saying.
> You have not explicitly made such a claim but if you're right then the
> conclusion is unavoidable, that's one reason I'm so certain you're not right.

Almost none of your comments seem to be in response to my comments. You seem to be arguing with a straw-man position that has nothing to do with my position. I think that is why this conversation isn't getting anywhere.

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