Re: [UPLOADING] It's not all about you

Harvey Newstrom (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 16:38:21 -0400

But it is about us. The current discussion on uploads is not about creating offspring, but extending our current lifespan beyond that of our bodies. Since most copy advocates require that the original body be destroyed during the process, we really need to figure out whether it will be life extension or instant death. This is not a question that can be put off until after we pull the trigger.

We need to know if uploading as described will make us live forever, or instantly kill us for trying. This is more than a vague philosophical question of "if I changed, am I really me".

> Given all this context, I think the self-centered question "is it me?"
> will fade relative to the parent's question "will the creature I create
> have a good life?" How will I feel about creating such a creature, trading
> off parental positives I feel against the trouble of being such a "parent",
> and the costs this new creature might impose on the other creatures I've
> created? Will it get along with its siblings or fight with them?
> Will it take resources away from them, or provide them with needed supports?
> Do I have to devote decades of my time to effort to "raise" this new
> creature, or is a few days work enough? How much do I like being around
> such creatures? Do then enhance my social world, or make it more trouble?

I think you are looking at copies as if they are offspring. In such a scenario, I agree that it is unnecessary to discuss how much like us the offspring will be.

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