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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 11:16:45 EDT

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> The "normal" mating pattern for humans has the young males competing with
> each other to "get laid", i.e. to convince young women to let them
> demonstrate their mating skills. The prize for the winners is a bit of
> sexual experience, which will make them more impressive to the next female
> they mate with. Eventually most of them will impress a female enough to
> form a semi-permanent, largely monogamous partnership.

Is THAT the way it is now? This is normal?

Wow....I guess I'm seriously ABnormal then.

I courted my lady for years...then we were married...THEN sexual intercourse....and strictly monogamous for 23 years....."until death do us part"...and it did.

I guess I'm more strange than I thought.