Re: Are guns extropian?
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 09:00:59 -0700 (PDT)

Scott Badger [] wrote:
>Yes, that's another approach. We could just kill all the APDs when they
>misbehave! It seems like the crux of our differences lies in that you see
>the criminal as a bad person and I see the criminal as a sick person.

Now explain why destroying a person's personality is somehow better than destroying their body? If uploading advocates are correct, then there's essentially no difference.

You seem to be arguing that to blow up a computer which is running an uploaded human would be awful, but to poke around inside that uploaded human and reprogram it as you see fit is fine.

Either way the original uploaded human is no longer there, and I see no real difference between the two results. Ethically speaking I'd rather shoot them and be done with it than try to turn them into some 'perfect' person.