Re: Are guns extropian?
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 07:44:27 -0700 (PDT)

maxm [] wrote:
>That's a cheapshot comment that I cannot see has anything to do with the gun
>discussions on this list. I'm not even shure the statistics are correct.
>Furthermore I am not arguing that the Danish socialist political system is
>the best. Far from. I just happen to live here.

It's nothing of the kind; if we're concerned with saving lives and there's a strong correlation between lack of freedom and suicide rates, then any attempt to reduce the number of murders by creating massive police states is going to increase the death rate even if it succeeds at reducing the number of murders.

According to those WHO figures the suicide rate in Denmark was almost three times as high as the US, and four times as high as the US murder rate. So a Dane was four times as likely to kill themselves as an American to be murdered, and about twice as likely to die a violent death (either murder or suicide) as an American. Other Scandinavian countries were not far behind.

Doesn't this disturb you? That Danes hate their lives so much that they're three times as likely to kill themselves as Americans?