Re: Let's work on the FAQ!

Natasha Vita More (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 12:14:29 -0500

I think that FAQ pertaining to "culture" should be its own category with Transhumanist Art, and the various genre's of this period. Please keep in mind with this that Transhumanist Art is of the modes of transhuman creative innovations and openly is the only art period that represents the confluence of art and science.

Thus, I would not include culture with philosophy, but culture and the arts. This is in part due to historical reasons (art and culture are recognized to go hand in hand by traditionally, making it easier for newcomers); and my own views that art influences culture and vice versa.

"Transhumanist Art and Transhuman Culture"

This would possibly include the FAQ on the Transhumanist Art web site, as well as questions about augmenting creativity, automorphing (ourselves: our behavior, bodies, and A-Life). I would keep it simple, but would not leave out what is important in explaining it cogently.

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